Sunday, January 7, 2018

Our Street...Engulfed In Fog

It's a shock when you open your front door expecting a winter sun's warmth to cut through the chill and shine on my face, and you can barely see across the street. I didn't know before I opened the door that the fog had rolled in, but once outside, it's all I saw.

I grabbed my cameras and headed out. I tried capturing the feel a foggy scene invokes. It's impossible, really. When you're used to looking west and seeing a valley, an island, a lake, birds and clouds in the sky. I saw none of it because of one big cloud, a huge cloud that surrounded everything.

I love foggy weather. I like weather that's unusual. We don't get a lot of fog in our little hamlet--we live in a desert, after all. But once in a while, it comes and engulfs us and our little world. In the afternoon the sun had burned off much of the fog, so much so, I could see the rest of the town, but tonight, if our neighbors across the street had not turned on their porch lights, I wouldn't be able to see their homes.

Enjoying the fog from the safety of my home is great. According to my phone, the fog will continue tomorrow. Even though I love it, driving in the fog at night isn't ideal. I think I'll take the bus. It's a bigger vehicle, and someone else is driving.

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