Saturday, February 9, 2019

A Proclamation Through Clothing...

Tonight, before the clock stuck 7pm, I changed into my pajamas. This is not normal for me. Usually, I change into my pajamas right before I go to bed, but seeing as it's now just after 9pm, I did not go to bed after I changed. I had dinner with the family, wrote this blog post, and am watching Oceans Eleven (the 2001 version...) all in my sleeping attire. 

With the change I proclaimed to the world that I was done with running errands for the day.

This wasn't the grandest of proclamations, but it felt good just the same.

It was a long day, a day filled with errands. Before 8am I was running one of my children to an appointment. I picked them up later in the morning. Between 8am and 6pm, me, or me and my wife were in a car, driving to and fro. It was the final trip, the trip to pick up some last-minute supplies for dinner, that caused me to make such a drastic change in clothing.

I was tired of running around.

It's funny. Since I telecommute, people think (I know because they tell me...) that I work in my pajamas. I suppose I could, but nope. It's just not me. At work I do dress in jeans and t-shirts. Because it's winter I also wear a couple of other layers, but when things warm up, I'll be ditching the layers as well. 

For some, pajamas equal freedom. It means they're not required to interact with society, at least, not in a socially acceptable way. It means a lack of responsibility as well. For me, this evening, it meant I was done with running around and I used pajamas as my proclamation.

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