Thursday, February 7, 2019

The Picture Of The Words "The End" In An Audio File...Are Beautiful

It may not look like much, squiggly lines rising above and below a straight line. It's the visual representation of sound and sometimes that visual representation can be beautiful. Case in point, the words, "the end" look like many other words, visually speaking, but like a fingerprint, each word is unique, individual, based solely on the speaker, the way he/she enunciates the words, the pronunciation, the accent, even the way the air moves from the speaker's lungs through the air to the microphone--all contribute to make each word a snowflake.

Tonight I finished working on a project for my publisher, Immortal Works. In December I was asked by the president of the company if I could edit an audiobook. 

I said yes.

Man, that's hard work.

And luckily, the book wasn't that long.

Years ago I worked as a computer audio engineer for a software company. It was a great job. I knew I could edit an entire novel, but I'd never done that before. I thought I could work on it at night and on weekends. And I did, but it took a long time.

Editing the audiobook was also a very educational experience. If a fly were on the wall of that recording studio, then I heard everything that fly heard, every word--intended and unintended, every sound, every page turn, every swallow...everything.

I don't know the process from here. I'm not sure how long it will take until the rest of the world can hear what I've heard. But, when it's available, Kevin L. Nielsen wrote and Zach Bjorge narrated a great little sci-fi book, Colonial Prime: Humanity. Well done Kevin! Well done, Jason! Well done Zach!

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