Friday, February 1, 2019

Why Would Anyone Text And Drive? You'd Think The Answer Is Obvious...

I guess we've always had cell phones. Okay, not always, but ever since Motorola came out with that flip phone--the one after "the Brick," we've had one. Now, we haven't had the fanciest of phone, or the best phones, but we've been able to use them basically for emergencies.

Because of this, we were never big texters. We had those Nokia phones--good phones, reliable, but  impossible for texting. Okay, not impossible to text anything, but it might as well have been. Younger generations will never know the pure hell it was texting on those old cellphones. It took years until we got smartphones.

It was because of my experience with those old cellphones that I could never understand why people felt the need to text while they drove. It never made sense to me, especially knowing how dangerous it is to text while driving.

But then, once we got smart phones, it made sense. Texting on a smartphone has become as natural as talking. On more than one occasion I've gotten a text while driving--good thing it doesn't happen very often--and I've picked up the phone and my natural instinct is to just click a quick message.

It happened again today while I was driving home.

Smartphones can do many things--so many more than the Nokias or the Motorolas--and one of those functions is Siri, at least on iPhones. When I got the text today, my first instinct was to text back, but instead I activated Siri and asked her to text a response to my wife. It was pretty slick.

There are places where even doing what I did is against the law, and I can understand this. Any distraction is exactly that, a distraction. But, for me today, Siri made my commute--and the commute for everyone around me--a little better, a little safer...and that's a good thing.

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