Sunday, February 3, 2019

One Of Those Anniversaries That Brings A Different Reaction...

Forty-five years ago today was also on a Sunday.

I think that's something I'll never forget.

It's been forty-five years since my father passed away, forty-five years to the day. It's the kind of anniversary you don't necessarily celebrate, even though it's important to acknowledge. Because of the amazing time in which we live, I did a quick internet search to find out what other interesting things happened on February 3rd, 1974. Apparently, not much.

A lot can happen in forty-five years. Back in 1974 the population of the world was 4, 016,608, 813. We've almost doubled since then. The most popular baby name for girls that year was Jennifer, and for boys, Michael. It's incredible what a simple internet search can reveal.

It's been almost half a century since he passed. And what I know of him, he would love the world of today, the ability to access all the known knowledge instantly. He was a remarkable man.

Today it's estimated that around 360,000 babies are born everyday around the world, about twice the number of people who pass away. In five, ten, twenty-five, even forty-five years from today, people will look back on this day in history, February 3rd, 2019 and it will be an anniversary for them, some a day to celebrate and some a day for reflection and imagine a world that might have been.

Miss you, dad.

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