Monday, February 4, 2019

Join Us In 2019 At LTUE...We're Talking About The 1980s Version Of 2019

Many times, the spectacle of something overwhelms the details and those who should get more credit don't. One of the biggest examples of this, for me, is TV producer and writer Glen A. Larson. He was responsible for so many shows that helped form my childhood and impressionable years and changed popular culture for decades.

In literary terms, another name that sometimes gets lost in his creations is Philip K. Dick. Since I sometimes run with literary types, many of my friends know, and are familiar with his works, but for most, they only know the names of the movies that were born from his words. Blade Runner, Minority Report, Total Recall, and more recent The Man in the High Castle, and Electric Dreams--all these and more came from Philip K. Dick.

The New York Post wrote an article about how Blade Runner and The Running Man predicted live in America in 2019. Dick did not write The Running Man (that was Stephen King), but both envisioned a society in the year we've now reached. You can read the article by clicking: HERE. It's interesting. In my opinion it reaches to prove some of its points, but still an interesting article.

In a few weeks, the 2019 version of Life, the Universe, and Everything, or LTUE will take place in Provo, Utah. On Saturday, February 16 from 12 noon to 12:45pm a group of panelists will discuss the writer and those films. Here's the panel write-up from the LTUE website:

If you want to go the website directly, click: HERE. You'll find this panel on Saturday's schedule.

I'm looking forward to this one. I've been on panels before with Mr. Wells and Mr. Parkin (Scott Parkin and I were on a previous Philip K. Dick LTUE panel a few years ago...). If you're in the area and want to learn more, or you'd like to contribute, stop in and say, "hello."

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