Monday, May 23, 2011

Daughter Making Dinner...

Regressive Gene? Perhaps... There was a time when I cooked and baked. This may come as a surprise my wife of almost two decades, but I can cook and probably should prepare food more often. One reason I don't is because my wife is such a fantastic chef, cook, and baker.

Our oldest is taking classes at the local college--his subject of study? Culinary Arts. Because of his food-making success , the next in line has tried his luck in the kitchen. The boy makes a mean (and by 'mean' I mean 'delicious'...) pan of brownies.

Tonight, our daughter whipped up a batch of mini-pizzas. She's pretty amazing considering she stands just above the counter and the electric griddle. She made the dough herself (from the recipe she wrote down...), she made the sauce herself, grated the cheese, put them all together and fried them up. When the cheese is sufficiently melted, they're done and ready for the hungry family to chow down.

After dinner I watched another storm roll in. Even it you're sick of the rain, it makes for a beautiful vista.

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