Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Picture Taken Years Ago...

I don't remember taking this picture. I do know certain things about this shot. This is a picture of a set of train tracks in Denmark and I'm pretty sure this shot is showing where the train just came from (I never rode on the very front of a train...). Where exactly is this in Denmark? I have no idea. When I began writing daily, I scanned several pictures from my mission and this was one of them. I still like the shot, though it's not a fantastic photograph.

I see blue sky in the photo, which occurs in Denmark about half the time. It can go from a sunny day to heavy rain in a matter of minutes, then back to blue sky before you've put your umbrella away. The field to the left could be full of mustard plants. I remember biking along the narrow roads connecting the rural towns and the brilliant yellows from the mustard plants was almost blinding. Most likely the field in the photograph is wheat, or the colors have faded over the years.

Like the colors, so have my memories faded. It seems like I turn around and another half decade has passed since I walked the cobblestone streets and marveled at the thatched roofs still being made on new homes--even the flavors of the incredible pastry as it crossed my taste buds has dimmed in my mind.

Some of my mission pictures bring back the most vivid memories--some of the lifelong friends I've made, some of the beautiful scenery the country affords, and some--like this photograph--reminds me of the simplicity of an interesting view.

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