Monday, May 2, 2011

The Tale Of Three Cameras...


If you look at the viewscreen on this camera, you may ask what's in the picture. You may ask this because if you showed me this camera, I would wonder what this picture is. It's actually not a picture, but a broken viewscreen. Bummer.

This was our back-up camera, one that was replaced by a newer and better camera we picked up on a Black Friday sale a few years ago (this camera was a Black Friday sale item we found the year before...). It still works and takes pictures and shoots video, but you can't tell what you're shooting.

Here we have a trio of cameras. The blue one was my son's until the battery cover latch broke. It works with the help of a rubber band. While shopping at the D.I. (one of my favorite places to shop and if you've read this post for any length of time, this is a well-known fact...) we found the Sony Cybershot. We took a chance because I wasn't sure if it worked or not. A couple of batteries and a memory stick later, it worked! I was so happy we could give my son a more sturdy and better camera. The problem was he left it at a friends and when we picked it up a few days later, it didn't work. We don't know why and I'm not blaming anyone--it was a D.I. camera, after all. I was sad because the camera was a D.I. steal. Oh well, I'm sure there's another one out there somewhere...

So we loaned our son our back up and today he brought it in and it's broken. I know these cameras are not that expensive these days, but we can't just replace it right now, so my son is back to his original blue camera, complete with the rubber band.

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