Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Sabbath Day Of Cars...

I didn't expect to keep seeing cars today. I mean, it's the Sabbath and all... But it turned into a car-themed day. Maybe it was my tie...

I love this tie. It's got great colors, a kid in nursery stopped crying and pointed to the different VW bugs on the tie one time when he saw it, and it was a gift from a friend (who, by the way, bought the tie from the D.I.). It's a win-win-win-win situation.

Of all the bugs and all the different colors on this tie, I've only owned one that resembled it. I once owned a cherry red '72 bug. I have not owned a blue, white, orange, or yellow bug, and I haven't owned a convertible bug (yet...).

I had an early morning Priesthood meeting today, and the following formation of cars, trucks, and SUVs is proof in my theory of the Priesthood Park. What's the Priesthood Park? Just click on this link: Here, and it will all be explained.

This afternoon my son and I visited a very kind neighbor. We had a good time chatting about this and that. Parked in his garage was a Porsche Boxster--beautiful car. Before I left I sapped a picture or two. And...yes, it did smile back at me.

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