Friday, May 27, 2011

Snowballs And Cemeteries...

I don't recall exactly when my mom planted a snowball bush in front of our house, but she did and because it was planted directly in front of a downspout, the bush received a lot of water. Over the years the plant has evolved until only the upper branches sprout snowballs. It's kind of a weird-looking bush right now, but I still love it.

Since snowball bushes always seem to bloom around Memorial Day, we would always clip off a few snowballs and take them to the cemetery to place on my father's headstone. It was always nice to take something from our yard as a memoir for a loved one.

Following my mother's example, we planted our own snowball bush and we placed it directly in front of a downspout. This weekend we'll clip snowballs--twice as many--and take them to the cemetery. And, again, I'll feel good taking something from our yard to honor my parents.

Of course, within a few days there will either be a heavy rainstorm, or windstorm (or both...) and all the pretty white petals will go away. But, for at least for one weekend, they will look beautiful.

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