Tuesday, May 3, 2011


If you know me (and hopefully you're getting to know me better if you don't know me already...), you know I have more than a mild fascination for a certain brand of German-made automobile. Yes, I'm a bug-head. I don't know where I got it...most likely from the first car I ever bought--the first several cars I ever bought. That's me standing oh so casually in front of my first car, a 1965 VW Beetle, all 36 horsepower of it... (sorry about the slanting photo). That was a great car. It got me stranded more times than I can recall. This picture was taken at Lagoon. It's not a good shot, but the car is backed up on a small (very small...) incline--the only incline in the entire, huge Lagoon parking lot. I backed in, or "Priesthood Parked" for one good reason. I needed that small incline to jump-start the bug.

This picture shows me and I believe Brother Leishman push-starting my bug on my street. I'll try and find the original picture (it's currently in a box in the basement--an un-catalogued item amongst the basement treasures...).

This picture is of my wife and my car I owned at the time during our first Christmas, only a few months after we were married (we had a tiny apartment, hence, the tiny tree...). It was a 1976 Super Beetle. I remember the first date she and I went on. By habit I parked on a hill at a restaurant and when we were done eating, the car didn't start. Since she really didn't know how to operate manual transmissions, she had to push the car while I got it started. Can you see a trend here?

This was the last VW I owned, though I've followed their remarkable success over the past 20 years. One day I'll get another one...one day.

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  1. My first car was a Ford Fairmont Futura. Last Ford I ever owned. But it was an automatic and could be jump-started.

    Seriously. Weird eh?

    VW bugs are awesome. There are worse obsessions.