Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Saturday In Farmington...

A Saturday In Farmington

I think because of this blog, I've been noticing the trees of spring. During this time of year, I usually just cursed the pollen exploding from their pretty little colorful puffs of arboreal fireworks attached to the ends of branches. Maybe the extra rain/snow we received this spring have made the trees especially amazing, or maybe I've just ignored nature's spring fashion show most of my life.

Speaking of amazing, if you're in the area, either heading east or west, if you drive by Farmington, get off either I-15, Highway 89 (otherwise known as the Jim Hansen Highway), or Legacy Parkway, exit from any direction and stop off at Harmons, Your Neighborhood Grocer. When they built that store, they did it right.

If you click on the above picture, the rather dressed up couple at the left of the picture is the same dressed up couple just right of center. Just a little trivia there...

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