Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gibson RD Artist Bass, Absolutely Beautiful!

The Gibson RD Artist Bass

Back in high school I began playing the bass guitar. I actually traded my accordion for my first bass and I ended up trading that bassfor a classical guitar (which is in its case in the basement--another basement treasure...). My mom took me to Guitar City in Centerville where I found the RD Artist Bass.

Us older musicians along the Wasatch Front remember exactly where Guitar City was, off Parrish Lane and west of I-15. I loved that store--the guitars and drum sets they had inside that smallish shop were incredible. It was there I found this huge, solid Gibson bass and we bought it for $500.00.

In high school I played in a band (didn't we all?). My friends and band mates had access to a recording studio (I still have a difficult time realizing just how lucky we were...) and we recorded several songs. My bass-paying career never panned out, but I had good times, and I kept the guitar. I know the bass player for the band A flock of Seagulls played the RD, as did a few others. It's an unusually-shaped guitar and there are many aspects that make this guitar especially cool, like the mother-of-pearl inlay designs.

I know many people think the most beautiful musical instrument in the world is a Steinway grand piano, a piano so black you can see your reflection from any angle. But for me, I'll take a nice Gibson, or Fender guitar any day... After all, both could kill you if they were dropped on your head.


  1. Wow man, I'd like to see it in person. It looks pretty solid and mint. It being a Gibson, I bet it's worth a lot more than $500 now. We should try and jam one of these days. Thanks for sharing man!

  2. I tried to play the bass once. I decided that if I were to be a musician, I would play the bass guitar. Fun stuff you have in storage! My storage is far more boring!