Friday, May 20, 2011

A Full Farmington Creek

Since, according to some, our existence--our world ends tomorrow, let's look at something that wiped out almost all human life once before...water.

If you live where we do you know there's been a lot of rain falling in and around our area this spring. Personally, I love the rain and desperately miss rain during the height of summer when the heat seems to seek out the top of my head to cause painful burns when I forget to bring along a hat.

The largest venue to channel water from the snowpack thousands of feet above us in the mountains is a creek named after the city where we live. I've driven over that creek many times this spring. This morning I got out of my car and took some pictures. I know to many--if not most of you--this is a puny excuse for a river (hence the "creek" label...), but the rivers that flow in our state can be dangerous if they're not respected.

I noticed only a few steps from the flowing waters was a small flow of water, a mini-creek, if you will...

All of us that reside at the base of the mountains hope the threat of flooding remains low. The city has recommended that no one sleep in the basements of their homes just in case the water and/or mud comes rushing in. Better safe than sorry...

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