Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Day At The Theater(s)...

Theater, Anyone?

Yesterday and today were filled with theater-related activities. Actually, I began Thursday night when I went to a 2-hr rehearsal.

I rehearsed this morning from 9am to noon. I then picked up a script for my son's next acting assignment (he's Samuel...).

I spent the rest of the day, 12:30pm to 9pm at a community church where my two oldest children participated in a Shakespeare play, A Comedy of Errors. My wife and I helped backstage with the sound and music cues.

The kids put on three plays, one last night, a matinee today, and a show tonight. One son wanted to put his own special touch on his curtain call. Last night he threw his hat and tried to catch it. For the matinee he threw a prop baby doll and tried to catch it, and for tonight's show he combined the two...he threw the prop baby and tried catching it in his hat (see video...). Though he successfully caught the various items in practice, unfortunately, the items were not caught in front of an audience. It's been a long, but pretty good day.

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