Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How To Write A Daily Blog

How To Write A Daily Blog

My mother-in-law told me that she reads my blog everyday. She's amazed that I manage to put out a blog post every day (she has her own blog and it can be found: Here...you should visit). I told her that she too can put out a daily blog post, but she disagrees. Actually, she doesn't disagree, per se, for she knows she can write daily, but I think--to her--a daily blog post is daunting.

So, I thought I would give some pointers on how I've been able to write a daily post to see if it will help anyone out there. I need to rightfully acknowledge that I've only been blogging daily since January of this year, and I know many, many, (many...) others have been blogging--sometimes daily--for years, perhaps even decades. I can only hope to have such dedication.

First thing, write daily. I have written a daily journal for literally decades so I'm hoping this tradition can carry over to the digital world.

Next, take lots of pictures and take pictures of cute kids. I happen to be blessed with very photogenic kids (and them wanting me to take their picture all the time doesn't hurt).

For the arboreal fans out there, get pictures of nature--it's all around you if you just look and keep a camera with you ALL THE TIME!

Pictures are great. They take the focus away from disorganized writing, poor grammar, and lack of interesting things to write about (or, if you're following Latin sentence structure...interesting things about which to write). If your house has a view of a lake and an island, throw in a picture of your house every once in a while (I do that a lot...). Inside the house pictures can be interesting too, even if the house isn't "tidy."

And, of course, if you have pets, any shot of a pet is cute--to somebody, all pets are cute.

Here, I incorporated two pointers in one shot...not only is it acceptable, but highly recommended.

These are some of the things that have helped me keep up a daily blog. Now, having said that, I must again confess that my blog is new and not the most visited site on the net (I NEVER said I knew how to write a SUCCESSFUL daily blog...). One source of inspiration (and someone who utilizes all of the above keys to perfection...) is Natalie Holbrook, a.k.a Nat The Fat Rat and her blog which can be found: Here.

Good luck everyone! Take pictures! Write stuff--good or bad! And most importantly, WRITE DAILY!!


  1. OK Scott, I'll try to do better with my blogging. I do love to read your blog and learn more about you and your take on life. The steps you outline are simple and easy to follow. So, here goes.

  2. I don't really have a "daily" goal (although I do keep a "daily doings" portion on our family blog, which is basically a short journal entry each day). I did write 24 times in April ... I thought that was quite a bit :)

  3. Thanks for the comments! And remember, writing daily isn't the most important thing (unless that's your goal...). I just have to write daily because I know me and I know that if I DON'T write daily, I won't write at all. Thanks again, guys (and by guys, I mean gals...)!