Sunday, May 22, 2011

Storm Clouds Roll In...

A co-worker who dabbled in photography once said he likes clouds, because a sky is a little boring to a photographer without clouds. That was something I had never thought about before.

Our day began with rain, but by the afternoon, the sun came out. Here's the mountains looking east.

We heard a storm was on its way so here's what the west looked like earlier.

And here's what the west looked like when the serious clouds came in.

I snapped a few shots because the serious clouds looked so cool!

While I waited for the storm to hit, a couple of hummingbirds decided to drop by.

In between feeding I actually spotted the small bird resting on a tree branch. I have never seen that before.

I had to wait while the storm rolled in for the little bird to return and eat so I could catch video of the event. Hopefully he's found shelter as our day ends the way it began...wet from rain.

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