Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Guy Can Enjoy A Chick Flick & I'm Proof...

“What’s on?” I ask my wife.

“Nothing,” comes her reply. “It’s Saturday night, so…of course, nothing’s on.” We surf a little, then find a show we somewhat remember.

“What’s this?” I ask. “Just Like Heaven,” my wife says. We watch a little and I wonder if I’ve seen it. Yup, I’ve seen it. We end up watching the show and it’s not bad…better than I remember it.

I am a dude and I’m sure I have seen every PG-13 (or tamer…) chick flick filmed, produced, edited, and pressed to a DVD. I’ve even seen most screen/TV adaptations of anything written originally by Jane Austin.

Don’t get me wrong, I like a good old fashioned action/adventure/sci-fi summer blockbuster as much as the next guy… But since I only watch Pixar films in the theaters, and all other film entertainment is provide by either Netflix, Red Box, or Comcast, I usually end up watching whatever movie is playing on the TV. Am when a movie is on TV, it’s usually a chick flick.

You must understand, my wife is not the type that watches only chick flicks. She watches many a varied movie. But more often than not we end up watching a story of a boy meeting a girl (a meet-cute, and if you watch chick flicks you know from where “meet-cute” comes from…). At first, they don’t like each other. Then they get to know each other, but because of some sort of external situation that introduces tension, the two get close. About ¾ through the film, something happens that threatens the fledgling relationship, but since we all know the couple is meant to be together, they end up a pair and all is right with the world.

So I was thinking, what makes “Notting Hill” that much different than “The Italian Job?” Both have a boy in over his head and a girl, somewhat lost and looking for a nice boy’s shoulder to cry on. And who can deny the chick-flickiness of Transformers (one or two…)?

Not me! But I hear you out there, you’re asking, how can “Star Trek” (the newest incarnation…) be considered a chick flick? It works if the "meet-cute" occurs between James Tiberius Kirk and the Starship Enterprise (they call the ship a “she” for a reason..).

I watch chick flicks. I like chick flicks, and I’m not too ashamed to say so. Usually the writing’s good (excepting “She rescues him right back,” and “Just a boy, standing in front of a girl, asking her to love him,” just hideous…). And six months after the next chick flick comes out on DVD, my wife and I will probably check it out. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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  1. I enjoy romantic comedies myself. Unfortunately I can't get my wife to watch them. She prefers Resident Evil over any chick flick.