Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Clamshell Mac...Still Cool!

A couple of years ago one of the neighbor kids said he had an old Mac laptop for sale and he wondered if we were interested in buying it. "How much?" we asked. "$35." He brought it over and we bought it. It was a Clamshell Mac.

If you're wondering how old this particular computer is, rent Legally Blond. In the show the main character, Elle, buys a colorful computer--something matching her personality--to spice up the dull world of Harvard Law. I have a suspicion that there were probably a couple these Macs at Harvard Law back in the day. 

The computer has problems. The battery is all but shot so if you unplug the computer while it's operating, it shuts down and everything you were working on disappears. If you properly shut down the computer, it's good. I don't even dare guess the memory, ram and other specifications of this thing.

The Clamshell is lovingly claimed by our youngest. He's writing his own story on it. It's called, The Legend Of The Lost Gun. We finished reading Chapter 7 tonight. There's a lot of fighting, repetitive monsters, and magical teleportation. It's quite a tale. I don't know if we'll ever get rid of the Clamshell. It's like an old pet, and it's still pretty cool.

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