Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Danes! The Little Team That Could...


I am an unapologetic soccer fan. I'll even watch college games (when there are no other games on...). My home state has it's own championship team, RĂ©AL SALT LAKE and I watch them whenever I can. But nothing, and I mean, nothing compares to watching the national teams play. It's like no other sporting event on earth. Think of it as a cross between the Olympics and the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament--but without all that pesky scoring.

Yesterday morning (our time...) I watched one of my favorite national teams, the Danish National team, play. Their opponent, the Dutch National Team. The tournament? Eurocup, 2012. In their group (a group dubbed, "The Group of Death"), the Danes are considered the weakest team. How tough is this group? The Danes are currently ranked 9th in the world. Which means, as the underdog, they have three teams ranked higher than them in their group.

In the game against the Dutch, the Danes did me proud. They scored in the 24th minute and prevented the Dutch--the World Cup runners up--from scoring. Many who watched the game commented on how many chances the Dutch blew (and they blew many...), and how lucky the Danes were in their first round win. But I don't care. It was a fantastic game. Let's see how the do against the Portuguese!

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