Saturday, June 30, 2012

An Old Fashoined Summer Car Wash...

Back in the day, we used to wash our cars ourselves. We'd pull the car up on the lawn or the driveway, get a bucket of water and some old towels (some car wax if we were extra motivated...), some Windex and the ol' Armor All and go to town. Before I turned 16 I don't think I washed a lot of cars, but once I got my own car--that incredibly cool lime green 1965 VW Beetle. I remember washing that car, or my mom's when I had a date and that's the way we washed the cars.

Of course, now days we're not supposed to wash cars that way. There's the wasting of the water, the chemicals are bad for the lawns and I'm sure other reasons yet unestablished. But this morning, before it got too hot, I lured the kids outside to help me (mostly they like helping wash the car because they end up getting soaked...) and we washed my little car.

The kids ended up having a water fight later in the afternoon when the temperatures were at their highest. Watching my kids wash a car brought back memories. I really don't think my '65 bug looked that much better after it was washed, but boy...that Armor All produced amazing results.

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