Friday, June 8, 2012

How Great Is A Petting Zoo?

This morning I spotted a Facebook post from a friend, April Kimball letting everyone know that today was a free day where she works. She works at "This Is The Place Monument" in the hills above Salt Lake City. Free--we like free.

We loaded up the kids and spend an almost perfect spring day at the park. For my youngest, the best part of the trip was the petting zoo.

My son was in awe of all the animals. As we went from animal to animal one word escaped my son's mouth over and over again...the word adorable. Every animal at the petting zoo was adorable.

We left the zoo and meandered the amazing streets of the park for about an hour, but for my 7-year old, the best place was the petting zoo, a place where there were adorable ducks, adorable sheep, adorable goats, adorable cows, and especially, the adorable pig.

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