Thursday, June 21, 2012

I'm A Podcaster!

A Page Or Two Podcast Is Here!

I am please to announce the creation of a new podcast. It's called the "A Page Or Two Podcast" and the first edition is ready for your listening enjoyment. Here's the link to my blog: The Bald Chronicler. And my first guest is none other than the talented Chas Hathaway! Just go to the website and click on the link. The podcast takes about 20 minutes. My goal is to record a new author each week (or every other week...). The setup is simple. I ask the author a few questions, then they read a page or two of their works.

Where did I get the idea for the website? Everyone says that if you want to be a good writer, or a better writer, you need to read and read a lot. I have a difficult time reading--not that I don't love to read, but I rarely find myself sitting with nothing to do. I'm either at work and I can't read there, and when I'm home there are things to do that keep me from reading. Then there's the writing. When can I read if I'm supposed to write?

My solution? I listen to audiobooks. It began when I was getting my masters that I began listening to audiobooks. Being an English major means much of my homework required I read the classics and the classics are downloadable. 

My goal with this project is to help give some of those great authors out there some exposure and to get to know them a little better as well. If any of you authors out there would like to participate in my project, please let me know. Hopefully this will be something that can keep going.

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  1. Nice job, guys! Was the audio supposed to download?