Monday, June 25, 2012

How Did Orrin Hatch Get On My Blog?

How Did Orrin Hatch Get On My Blog?

Tomorrow there is a primary election in our state and we have been inundated by phone calls and junk mail and other forms of communication for the past several weeks. We have Caller I.D. and so most of the time we have not been answering the phone calls. I might actually answer if I knew the politician were on the other end and not a recording of the politician calling to get my vote.

I pulled up my blog today and who did I see staring back at me? Orrin Hatch. Now, someone paid to have a picture of Orrin on my blog. Apparently it was the Hatch Election Committee Inc. that paid to have his picture on my blog. In addition to the question that is the title of this blog post, I have another question.

Why don't I get paid to have Orrin's picture on my blog?

After tomorrow the primary election will be over and the general election will come in just a few short months. I wonder if we're going to get mail, phone calls, e-mails and other politically motivated interruptions in our lives between June 27th and November 5th. Time will tell...


  1. The sad part is that you will. :(
    I despise politics.

    1. And I'm in the west...I can't imagine all the "stuff" that hits you so close to D.C. Oh well, could be worse. Have a good one! :)