Monday, June 4, 2012

The Old Tree On Lagoon Lane...

There's an old tree halfway down Lagoon Lane, or maybe the street is better known by us old timers as "The Back Gate Road" (technically, I don't think it's even called "Lagoon Lane," but it's what I call it...).

Growing up, probably from age 10 to my mid-teens, I passed this tree every single summer day (except Sundays...). Either by bike or walking, with friends or alone, I walked passed it either on my way to Lagoon's back gate or on my way home from Lagoon's back gate. The gate's no longer there. It's been replaced by high fences with barbed wire on top. The tree remains. The old sidewalk that ran perpendicular to the fence by the tree is gone, but the tree remains.

There's a new wire fence that surrounds the tree. I say new even though the fence might have been installed 20 years ago. The old fence was long ago overtaken by the tree. In the coming years I'm sure the new fence will experience the same fate as the huge old tree (I don't even know what type of tree it is...) continues its expansion.

Today I walked by the tree again and stopped to snap a few pictures. It's one of those things that, when I see it, I'm instantly transported back to my youth when, with swimming suit wrapped in a towel in hand, I would spend my summer days at Lagoon's famous million gallon pool filled with the equally famous and bone-chilling "Water Fit To Drink." I sure miss that pool. But the tree remains.

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