Sunday, June 17, 2012

Wearing Sandals To Church...

Maybe where you live, a man wearing sandals to church is no big deal. I'm sure for some places wearing sandals is the norm (probably places many would like to live...). I live in a place that's quite conservative--some might call boring--and when the men go to church, the men wear bonafide, Hush Puppy-esque church shoes.

The reason I wore the sandals today was a direct result of my actions during the previous 48 hours. In short, Ragnar did a number on my feet. I earned a couple of blisters--not major ones--but ones large enough to let me know they were there. The worst pain I have can be found under my toenails. I think my running shoes don't give my toes enough room. Today when I put on shoes, the toenails hurt. They even hurt (but not as much...) when I put on socks. I'm thinking I may need to continue the sandal wearing when I go to work tomorrow. We'll see how they feel then.

At church today no one said anything to me about my sandal-clad feet. Maybe no one really cares.


  1. As a contrast, my mom and I went to church a few Sunday's back and we were shocked at how NON conservative things were. I lived in California most of my life and church goers were fairly conservative. We live in Oregon now and it's the polar opposite. VERY casual when we went. And weirdly we were disappointed. We liked the dress uppy-ness. But be rest assured that there really is somewhere in the world where sandals would be totally acceptable.

    1. I've never attended church in California or Oregon, but I did attend in Europe. It's interesting how different the norms are in different areas. Thanks for the comments, and happy writing!