Monday, June 18, 2012

My Father's Day Card...

Though yesterday had been warmer than it needed to be, it was still a wonderful Father's Day. The kids were in their rooms and the Mrs. and I were kicking back getting ready to say goodbye to the weekend and hello to another week of responsibilities.

My son came in and he had a card, a Father's Day, card he made himself. I know Hallmark spends millions (probably...) on R & D to come up with new cards. They hire poets and maybe comedians to create snappy or heart-felt, or sincere saying to put into their cards. 

But the best card I could have received for Father's Day didn't come from a store. It came from my 13-year old son who created his card in his room as the day quietly bid all the fathers, mothers, and their children goodnight. I sure love that kid! It was a perfect way to end a pretty good day.

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