Tuesday, June 19, 2012

So, Do YOU Know What Cubicle Courtesy Is?

Everyday we get e-mails at work, and sometimes those e-mails come from management. The other day, I received an interesting little e-mail and the subject of the e-mail was something I rarely--if ever--think about, Cubicle Courtesy. I really didn't know there was such a thing as "cubicle courtesy." I just assumed we were supposed to show "regular courtesy" at work.

So what is cubicle courtesy, anyway? The e-mail identified 11 guidelines us cubicle dwellers should follow while we're cubicle dwelling. And they were:

Be a courteous guest
Use a quiet voice
Curb casual conversation
Stay home with the sniffles
Have good scents
Hit the right tune
Avoid phone faux pas
Customer confidentiality is required
Children in cubes (guidelines...)
Employee confidentiality

That's 10. The 11th is that we all need reminders sometimes. I can understand why someone felt the need to go to the trouble of typing up the paper and sending it out. I guess someone is having issues with their cubicle neighbors. Maybe it's me...

Dealing with others, whether at work or elsewhere, can be difficult. We all understand that. I suppose some workers needed the message.

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