Saturday, June 2, 2012


8 a.m. was start time. A few from the neighborhood gathered and did a little weeding. I didn't make the start time (I, uh...didn't get up in time...), but I arrived a few minutes late.

Ever try to weed a mountain? We have the same issue. When you live on a hill and the only barrier between the mountain weeds and your yard is a two lane rode, it's tough to keep out the buggers. Of course, the wind can carry the seeds to anywhere so hill dwellers have no monopoly on weed infestations.

I stayed about an hour. Saturday mornings are a busy time for almost everyone and I had an errand or two to run. When you're helping out, the weeding becomes secondary to the time spent with others. And, as usual, whatever benefit those we're serving gets, the servers seem far more enriched by the experience. It was an excellent way to start a Saturday.

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