Saturday, April 13, 2013

Changing Of The Guard...

My two oldest sons now have jobs. The job the oldest had for the past several years has now been bestowed on his younger sibling. Today he began working. Sure, it's mowing lawns for his grandparents, but it's steady employment--steady, at least, until the earth turns on its axis and the grass stops growing and the snow begins to fall.

The reason the younger brother began mowing lawns today is because the older brother began working this week for an employer that takes taxes out of his paycheck. He worked a few days his first week and will be working everyday next week.

And so my children are working and contributing to the labor force. Our family is helping to lower the unemployment rate as best we can. I distinctly remember when I was out of high school and realized that I'd be working for the rest of my life--no longer could I look forward to summer when I would have nothing to do. It was kind of a depressing thought. Hopefully my sons won't have to experience those feelings for several years. 

Well done, sons!

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