Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Good And Bad Of The Writing Prompt...

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An Invitation From The Super Excited Citizens Of New York City story: HERE.

Today a new Weekly Writing Prompt was posted on Nicole's, Carrie's, and other websites. I do look forward each week to see what photo was chosen. The words, not so much... Since it's the one-year anniversary of the writing prompt, I looked back at a couple of my favorite little stories and posted the pictures and links here.

It Had To Have Airplanes: HERE.

Looking back at all the stories (I think I only missed a couple of weeks since last June...) I realized a couple of things. I realized there's been a LOT of stories written. I had forgotten most of them, but as I scrolled through the stories (by the way, you can read them all by following this link: HERE...) the photos brought back how much fun I've had writing them.

Creepy French Street

Gut Instinct story: HERE.

As the bus brought me home tonight, I wondered what I would write for today's installment of my blog. The prospect of writing a new story sounded fun. Of course, by writing a new story, I ignore the other writing projects on which I should be working.


Maggie's Rain story: HERE.

So the good: the posts are a blast to write. The bad: I'm using the stories as an excuse to avoid other writing responsibilities I have. 

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John "Buck" Thompson story: HERE

The story with the black and white photo showing a lonely moor is the first story I wrote for the Writing Prompt back in May 2012. I've learned a lot since then.


Moor Conversation In Fog story: HERE.

This post is now done (without thinking up a new story...) so I have no excuses. Time to write.

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  1. Well, I just want to say that a HUGE thank you for participating as regularly as you do! I know for myself, I've had to reprioritize my own writings and I haven't been able to do the prompt as faithfully as I've liked. But I've loved keeping it up and reading the stories (even when I can't always comment!). Hope to keep seeing your work! :)