Saturday, April 27, 2013

Talking In Church...


 A few weeks ago I was approached by one of the church leaders in our congregation. He asked if I wouldn't mind being part of the program for Sunday, April 30th, or in other words, to give a talk.

Now, if you're a member of our church and you get called to speak in front of a couple of hundreds of your neighbors and--in my case tomorrow--several strangers who have come to hear someone else on the program speak, you can turn it down. You can say no for any reason, the least of which is that you'll be expected to bring new insights in religious thought to these people, many of whom have decades more knowledge and wisdom in such issues than I do. You don't have to say, yes.

But I did and so for the past few days I've been preparing for tomorrow morning. I was told weeks ago that the amount of time I've been asked to speak will vary. I'm to be the last speaker so I will have anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes to speak. It will be my job to make sure I finish my talk somewhere between 10am and 10:05am, MDT. I've read through my talk and I'm in the ballpark, but if I need to fill a full 20 minutes, that might get...a little dry.

In 12 hours from now, my speaking duties will be over, at least until at some time in the future I'm approached by another leader and he asks me a simple question, a question I don't have to answer with a Yes...

...but I probably will.

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