Friday, April 5, 2013

Father, Son, And A Bike...

There's a feeling a father gets when he helps teach his child how to ride a bike. It's one of those things, like watching a football game, or going fishing with your kids. But something wonderful happens when a child can take all the advise and help a dad offers and see real growth and accomplishment come from it.

This week, our youngest climbed atop his new bike and through trial and error, he's now able to ride. At first I ran aside him, holding on to the seat of the bike to make sure he didn't tip over. That was the first day. By the next day I was running along side, but I didn't even need to hold on to the bike. I thought that was a great improvement.

The next day I didn't even need to run beside him. He was able to pedal down the street, turn at the end of the street and return to us. He still needed help starting and stopping in a controlled manner. We stopped for the day.

Today after I got home I watched my son start the ride all by himself and I watched him ride and ride. It was such a cool thing! Everyday this week after I returned home from work, my son asked me if I wanted to go outside and watch him ride his bike. He's so excited to show me his progress, and I'm just as excited to see it. He's the last of our kids to successfully learn the skill of riding a bike, the last time to experience the feeling only a parent can have. Good job, son. Good job!

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