Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pictures Of People...

Today we had an earthquake drill, called "The Great Shake-Out." It's the second year our state has tried to get us citizens more prepared. I'm sure there are many good things that come from the exercise and it's worth the 1/2 interruption inflicted upon all of us.

This year, I brought my camera and snapped a couple of shots.

These are the people with whom I work. Though it was a cool day (temps in the low 40's...), the sun was out and provided excellent lighting for the subject, many of whom tried to evade me taking their picture.

Those who I asked to pose did, and that was fun.

And, just for the record, part of the disaster drill (after crawling under our desks and then filing out of the building a la a regular fire drill...) was to make at least two cellular phone calls to see if the cellular networks could handle the jump in regular calls had it been an actual emergency. Of course, had it been an actual earthquake like the one that's predicted to hit our area, there's be no cell service. The cell towers would all be down.

I thought the interruption would be a pain, but actually, it was a nice break in the morning. And I got the chance to take some pictures of people.

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