Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New Sunset, Same Perspective...


One thing I've loved about living where I do are the sunsets. I've blogged about them so many times...probably too much, some might say.


But, I'm still test-shooting a new camera and so I thought I'd snap a few shots (where the mirror in the camera actually snaps back and forth...) of what I saw the last two nights. The point of reference is still the same--I shot them from my back porch. The sun is slowly making it's way north, each night a little farther up the horizon. The device has changed.


Back when I was using my Kodak point-and-shoot, I learned pretty much everything there was to know about how to take pictures with that camera. I knew how to hold it, how to manipulate the limited controls to get the best shot possible.

Next came my little iPhone and I'm still learning with that one. This new thing, the Nikon...well, it's like going from a minivan to a race car. There's so much I need to learn about getting the best shots.

These pictures look like the ones from the Kodak. Hopefully, if things work out, I'll be experimenting more and more with the camera and you'll be the beneficiaries. Time (and patience and practice and a little bit of luck...) will tell.

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  1. New toys are always fun. And you could always suggest some of them for the weekly prompt ... ;)