Friday, April 12, 2013

Microsoft Store Vs. Apple Store...

Things I leaned while visiting both stores today:

The Microsoft Store is staffed with friendly employees wearing multicolored shirts. The Apple Store is staffed with employees wearing blue.

Both stores have large open, brightly lit showrooms. 

The Microsoft Store has a theater/conference space that is used for training or can be rented out for free.

The Apple Store has a Genius Bar.

At the Microsoft Store I was greeted by an employee who passed me off to another employee to show me around the place, each time I was asked if it was the first time I had visited their store. Since it opened yesterday, it was easy to both answer and figure out.

I made it all the way to the back of the Apple Store before I was approached by a blue-clad employee.

Angella works at the Microsoft Store. She likes Ducati motorcycles and is partial to cars built by Ford.

I was told at the Apple Store that all the employees can scan my card to check out.

Angella gave me her business card. Matt scanned my card.

The Salt Lake Microsoft Store is the company's 33rd store (as of April 12, 2013). Apple has hundreds. Can both stores survive in the same mall with only a street, a set of light rail tracts, several other stores and a couple of panhandlers between them? Time will tell, time will tell...

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