Thursday, September 19, 2013

All Right...You Need To Enter This!

Late last year I saw a similar call for submissions for an anthology. I entered it and it changed my life. I remember thinking that it would be fun to try my luck at a steampunk short story. I had entered several writing contests and my success rate was zero. Maybe this time would be different, I thought.

What intrigued me about this particular call was not the steampunk theme (which, is very cool...), but what the publisher wanted us writers to do with the theme. They wanted us to take a classic story and give it a steampunk treatment. Instantly, HC Andersen's Little Match Girl came to mind.

I wrote it. I submitted it. I was chosen to be included in the anthology. I re-wrote the story several times and last April, it became a reality. Since then I've been on panels at conventions and met so many amazing people--all because I took a chance on a call for short story submissions from Xchyler Publishing.

Now, it's your turn! Get writing! Check out their webpage: HERE! Take a chance! Have a great time!

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