Sunday, September 1, 2013

Cap't Monkey And Tooele Boy And The Opulent Evening...A Short Story

Flash Fiction Photo Prompt

 This week's picture could inspire so many stories, of which, mine is one. It's different, but I hope you like it. If you'd like to participate, here are the rules:

1) Use the photo and the 5 words provided in your story
2) Keep your word count 500 words or less.
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5) Have fun, don’t stress, let those creative juices flow.

 This Week's Words:

 Dogie (yes that is spelled right - NOT Doggy)

And their adventures continue!

Cap't Monkey & Tooele Boy And The Opulent Evening

When last we checked on Cap't Monkey and Tooele Boy they were overcome by the Case Of The Impressive Building, but how will they handle high culture? Let's find out!

"Are you sure this is the right place?" Tooele Boy asked as he held the scrap of paper on which were written the directions to the evening's event.

"One-hundred percent," though he wondered if the Victorian mansion that stood before them could possibly be their destination. "Let's ask the doorman, just to be sure."

The pair climbed the magnificent staircase. "Hello, good sir. Is this the address of Madam Jullére?"

"Of course, and you are...?"

"I am Cap't Monkey, and this is my ward, Tooele Boy. We're invited to tonight's festivities."

"I see," said the smartly dressed servant. "Shall I put down newspaper on the floor in just the foyer, or the entire residence?" The men only stared at him.

"Beg Pardon? Is this not where we are to forgather?" Cap't Monkey asked. The doorman waved his hand and grunted as he opened the door.

"Gosh golly!" Tooele Boy exclaimed. "This place is amazing! It's HUGE! I'll bet they even have a room just for their mule, assuming, that is, that they have a mule."

"Tooele Boy, a wise man once told me, 'If a man can house a mule in the same home where he sleeps, that is a rich man, but a man who prepares a room in his home for a dogie..."

"A dogie," Cap't?

"Yes, dogie--a motherless calf in a range herd."

"Oh, that dogie."

"As I was saying, a mule-housing man may be rich, but a man who prepares a room in his home for a dogie, well, that man...he is truly wise."

"Wow! The things you know never cease to astound me, Cap't Monkey!"

The two approached the grand hall and stopped after entering. Before them an enormous table with linen napkins wrapped in gold for each guest. Peacocks meandered between the tables, and a huge ice sculpture adorned the center table. Obviously, Madam Jullére possessed a neurosis to impress. The display of lavishness meant to overwhelm even the richest of visitors almost brought tears to the two men's humble eyes.

"In all my years," Cap't Monkey whispered. "I have never before beheld such a room, a room suited for royalty, or reality TV stars. Tooele Boy, my friend, do you know what this means?"



"You said that the room was only fit for..."

"No, my whimsical friend. It means, we have arrived!" The two men smiled and joined the other guests for an evening they would never forget.

Word Count: 447


  1. These two characters you've created make me smile. I wonder if they have really arrived!

  2. Hi Scott! I've been gone for a bit, but I'm back now and catching up on all the blog hop stories. :) I love this; I can feel the awe and magic these two characters are experiencing. They are handling high-culture the same way I would, although I am more of a "whoa dude, this is rad" person than I am a "gosh golly, this is amazing" person. Haha!

    Nice work as usual, Scott! Your writing makes me happy.

    I need to go find the Case of the Impressive Building. I think I missed that one.