Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mr. Dabb...Glad To Know You

Back in July, we found ourselves at a party at our friend's house. As we watched the teenagers (and a few dads...) light off fireworks in the middle of the street, I overheard a conversation about some acting classes that were coming up and the talented person who was putting them together.

After we came home my wife and I talked more about the program. It turns out two of my kids and I decided to participate in the classes. Last night I wrote about a fundraiser happening tonight and tomorrow night. Turns out the classes, the fundraiser, the good times would not have happened if it weren't for Jeremy Dabb.

Defend The Arts is Jeremy's baby. He planned it, organized it, somehow persuaded friends to donate their talents and time, all in an effort to further the magic that the arts can have in our lives. We had a rehearsal last night and watching Jeremy backstage before tonight's show, it impressed me how cool and calm Jeremy was. Whether or not he was the same on the inside, I don't know. 

We had fun tonight and we're only halfway done with our Defend The Arts Festival. Thanks Jeremy for letting us share the ride!

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