Wednesday, September 18, 2013

We're Having A Yard Sale (And A Fundraiser...). Come On! It'll Be Fun!

You know how it is... There's stuff piling up in the house, things that once seemed important, or needed. It's been a crazy month and we decided next Saturday, September 21st will be the lucky day.

Almost as important as the items for sale at a yard/garage/estate sale, is location. We live on a dead-end street on the edge of town (the east edge...). We've had yard sales at our house before. People came, but we had limited success. The past couple of yard sales we've held, however, were hosted at our friend's house. And, as far as location goes, their house is as close to perfect as one can get. Main street, in our hometown.

We've got a lot of work to do. If anyone in the area would like to rid themselves of like items that are taking up space in their homes, please contact us. We'll give you the details and we'd LOVE to have you join us. Also, if you'd like to know some of the things we're going to be selling, I'll let you know as well. Big items: weight bench, trampoline, lots of books...

We're clearing clutter, but also having a fundraiser for our oldest. He's going to be leaving the house in a few months and the $$ would help. So, come Saturday morning, we're going to be surrounded by our junk...ah, I mean, important and needed stuff, stuff we'd like others to enjoy more than us. Come on! It'll be fun!

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