Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Defend The Arts Show Is Thursday And Friday...A Worthy Cause


Tomorrow night, we're going to party!

For the last couple of months my kids and I have been involved in a labor of love, a program to support the arts in our community. On Thursday, September 12th, and Friday, September 13th, we're putting on a show.

From the website, here's the purpose of the event:

Many of our local schools are slashing budgets or completely cutting out arts programs from their curriculum.  Our purpose is to help people understand that the arts are more than an extra-curricular activity.  The arts are an education of the sensibilities.  It is the application of science, math, history, and English.  We also   aim to speak to the educators and the educational leaders that we need to change the way we teach.  We need to make our usage of the core subjects more apparent  to the students and the policy makers.  Please join us in defending the arts.

If other things in my life weren't so amazingly crazy right now, I know I would have enjoyed the experience more, and I really have had a good time being involved in such a worthy endeavor. Work and Comic Con have required a lot of my time, time I could have dedicated to the show, or shows.


But, one cannot use excuses for art! And so, we're going to do a fundraiser. If you're in the area and would like to support us, you can find information about Defend The Arts on the website: Or find it on Facebook: HERE.

I'm directing one play and participating in two more. Plus, there'll be music by Sunshade 'N Rain, and the entertaining skills from Paul Draper, Master Magician and Mentalist.

Hopefully you'll have as much fun watching as we do performing! See you there!


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