Monday, September 9, 2013

Meet Dave Butler...


This is Dave.

Dave is an author.

Dave's a musician.

Dave is tall.

Dave is also a very cool guy.

Last Thursday I entered the halls of the Salt Palace Convention Center nervous and a bit overwhelmed. In a few hours I would be sitting in front of people (who paid good money...) and talk about subjects I felt unqualified to discuss.

I arrived early and decided to check out the vendor hall. It was there I ran into a friend and author, Michaelbrent Collings. That's him on the right, next to Blake Casselman, Comic Con organizer extraodinaire. If you google "Michaelbrent" he's pretty much the only one with that name--genius for an author...). We chatted, caught up. He's such a nice guy.

"Have you met Dave Butler?" he asked. Of course I had not. "You should go meet him. You can't miss him. He's like 6' 8'. He's really funny and he's got an guitar."

Intrigued, I ventured on until I found the only tall person holding a guitar on the vendor floor--most likely, the entire building.

"You're Dave Butler!" This he knew. We introduced each other then had a little chat. I knew he would be on the steampunk panel with me. It took only a few minutes before I knew I had nothing to worry about as far as the panels went. Maybe it was his sense of humor, or the comments he made, or the free music CD he gave me (that he usually charges for...). I don't know. But after leaving the booth where his books were sold, I felt different. I felt better.

So, thanks Dave for your help. You may not have realized it, but you made my Comic Con experience so much better! 

If you want to know more about the talented Dave (I could have mentioned his profound knowledge about Steampunk, but I didn't...), check out his website and buy his book, for he is the world's only Mormon Steampunk author--a title he will most like never have to give up.

Dave's Website: HERE.

* Photo borrowed from Craig Nybo's Facebook photos without permission. Thanks Craig!

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