Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Salt Lake Comic Con...Friday's Panel, Part 1

Yesterday I wrote about a panel I'll be on this next Thursday. Hopefully you know a little better about who will be on that panel so if you happen to be in the area Thursday evening, you might could drop by.

On Friday I've got a couple of other panels coming up and I'm trying to do the same thing with them. My goal is to write a blog post about one panel today and the other tomorrow. If anything, it's an exercise for me to learn more about the people I'm going to meet, so bear with me.

The first panel for me on Friday is Managing Your Artistic Career While Working A Full-Time Job. I'm sure there will be MANY panelists who could sit in on this one. And, again, I hope to learn a lot during the discussion.

This class is held from 4pm to 4:50pm on Friday. The other panelists with me are: James Wymore (who I met at Salt City Steamfest...), Tom Carr (that's the second one he and I will do...), Brad Torgerson, Aaron Johnston, and Bill Galvan.

You can find information about James Wymore here: James Wymore Website.

Brad Torgerson's information can be found here: Brad Torgerson's Website. 

Aaron Johnston's information can be found here: Aaron Johnston's Website.

And Bill Galvan's information can be found here: Bill Galvan's Website.

I still can't find Tom's information, but if I knew where to find his website, I would add it here.

When I look at the accomplishments of these amazingly talented people, I wonder if they have "full-time" jobs other than their art. I guess I'll find out. I'm looking forward to finding out more about them and what they do. Can't wait!

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