Thursday, July 17, 2014

Announcing Marion Jensen's "Searching For Super"


Today I did a little surfing at work (while on a break, of course...), I ran across a post on Facebook from one of my friends, Marion Jensen. Marion was telling his Facebook friends, and, by at least six degrees of separation, the rest of the world that his next book will be released at the beginning of next year.

So excited he was--and for good reason--he was having a contest. I know several authors who do this, give away a book or an ARC of the work to those lucky few that cheat the randomness of chance and win. To enter, you just needed to comment on his post and then tag a friend.

Since I was at work and I had not seen his post until after sixty or so comments had been made, I did not leave a message on his Facebook post (therefore, allowing those who did a slightly better chance to win...) and I decided to do one better. I thought I would make Marion's book the subject of today's blog post and help him introduce, Searching For Super to all my friends, and eventually, the world.

We picked up Marion's first book, Almost Super, book one in the two-book series, at his book signing at the King's English Book Store. I throughly enjoyed it! It's for a younger demographic--like for my kids--but I've found some of the funnest books I've ever read were written for that group, a group that still loves to read. Not every author can pull off writing an entertaining story to kids, but Marion does a fantastic job.

I expect no less from Searching For Super. Look for it early next year. In fact, I'll probably be blogging about it then. Congrats Marion! And, you're welcome to all the Facebook post commenters.

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