Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Just A Little Tired...And What I would Have Said To My Mom

We just got home from a rehearsal and I'm tired. When deciding what I could write about for today's post, I suppose I could have written about a number of things before we left for our rehearsal, but I didn't. And so I sit with a computer on my lap wondering if I should write about a book I finished today, or write a writing prompt short story that I didn't write over the weekend, or I could write a blog post about #MyWritingProcess that a fellow writer included me in his #MyWritingProcess post.

Usually, having more than one thing to discuss on my daily blog is fantastic because I can choose the one that interests me most.

But right now, I'm just tired.

After considering those other options, I decided to write about my mom. She passed away seven years ago today. I remember after she passed the first of July was a sad day, a day that brought back a lot of memories. As the years have come and gone, July 1 seems to have less impact. If my sister hadn't posted something about my mom on Facebook, I might not have even remembered what day it was.

Today would have been a day when I would have gone across the street and just sat in the front room, or in her kitchen and just chatted. She would have asked me how my day went and I would have told her about an e-mail I sent that got misunderstood and because I wasn't there but was at training, I could have stopped that misunderstanding early, before things got interesting.

I would have told her about the show and how we're getting closer, or the other show, or Westercon and FantasyCon that are both taking place this weekend and that I'm a panelist at one of the cons, and that I plan on going to both, and will hopefully be able to sell some books.

I would have told her that we're glad the cat came back after being gone all day and that there's things we plan on doing to fix up the house, when we get some time and money. I would have told her that our oldest son is doing great in California and we're proud of him.

I would have told her about my other son buying and getting his latest toy and how much fun he's having with that and that my youngest still loves The Lego Movie with a zeal that is perhaps unhealthy.

I would have told her I was tired.

And if she were still here with us, I probably would have not realized just what an honor it is to be her son and to have her as my mother because for all those years and all the conversations we had, I didn't.

But I do now. Miss you, mom! Thanks for everything!