Sunday, July 27, 2014

Pleasant Green Taylor, A Real Pioneer...

Pleasant Green Taylor

Pleasant Green Taylor

At church today I did a little web search on my ancestors. There's some pretty cool stuff out there. And because it's Pioneer Day weekend where I live, I did some research on my Great Grandmother's father, Pleasant Green Taylor.

The guy was amazing!

In our religion there are certain events we remember, stories of people who lived long ago and the things that happened to them. Born in 1827, Pleasant experienced persecutions, poverty, theft, the death of his father at a young age, like most of the early members. He also was there when the cornerstone of the of the Nauvoo Temple. He remembered how the saints felt after Joseph Smith was taken to Carthage and saw the messenger come into town with news of the Prophet's death. He crossed the frozen river from Nauvoo and made his way with his family to Utah as a pioneer. And this is only a summary of his early life. He lived to be 90-years old.

He lived and experienced the history I've known and studied for years. I knew many of my ancestors came to the state with similar histories, but reading it today, it made it real.

So I thank you, my Great Grandmother's father. Thanks for everything!


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  1. What an interesting name your ancestor had and what a long and eventful life he led.

  2. Hi! He is my great, great, great grandfather! I'm through the line with his first wife, Clarissa Lake. Their son Alfred is my great, great grandfather.

    1. Our line runs through his wife Sarah. Lots of us relatives our there, aren't there? :)