Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Calling All Darts! Calling All Darts!

* least those who graduated 30 years ago!

That's right, folks! There will be a 30 Year Reunion for the Davis High School class of 1984 and it's taking place on Friday, August 22, 2014!

You can get all the details: HERE.

Because I post stuff to Facebook and have many high school friends on Facebook, I was curious when our class would gather and break bread. As the year progressed, I was then curious if our class would gather and break bread. Turns out we will.

I was involved in helping plan our class's 20 year reunion. It was a fun experience and when the event came, I ended up going. My wife did not accompany me, however (I believe it was a day or two after our youngest child was born...), so she understandably stayed home. I did have a lot of fun going solo. I caught up with many friends. We had a good dinner and the many talks brought back memories. In fact, one of the best lines I think I ever heard was uttered at that reunion. My friend said (and I apologize if my quote is not exact--it's been ten years, for goodness sake...), "We've all changed so much! I don't think I could even fit into my locker now."

Great line! Especially if you knew him back in the day.

 Ten years ago, I sat at the drinker's table, even though I didn't participate. I know it's not unusual for everyone to consume alcohol at reunions (or sporting events, or weddings, or card games, or divorce proceedings, or funerals...), but if you understood the culture in which I grew up and you saw those same people twenty years earlier, you might not think they'd be drinking.

But I digress! All Darts of 1984! Spread the news! Tell your friends! Search for them high and low! Will I attend my 30 year reunion? I am going to be in a play and may not be able to go. But I'm sure the drinking table will carry on without me! It is a reunion, after all.

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