Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Danyelle Leafty's "The Curious Leaf"...A Book Review


But a wish, once wished, cannot be unwished. It finds purchase in our hearts and waits, remembering even when we forget.  Danyelle Leafty, The Curious Leaf: An Adventure in Wishing (Curiosities) 

I met Danyelle for the first time at Westercon, but I had seen her novella on social media before that (you can download or buy a copy of this book: HERE). When I finally got a copy of this story, it intrigued me. A wishing adventure?

Sure, why not?

As I began the story, I thought it was a children's tale (and it is...), but as with most good writing, the story expands beyond a simple story about a flower who wants to fly. It's about life and how we as humans view change, desires, restrictions, hard work and facing the unknown. No matter what you've experienced, there's a part of this story with which you can connect, can identify and relate. 

I enjoy stories where, as I'm reading, I do not know how it's going to end. Could the flower and its companion meet a grizzly end, thus confirming an age-old adage to "be careful for what you wish for?" Or will the characters ultimately find fulfillment and peace after their struggles? In my opinion, it could have gone either way and proved a satisfying story.

The Curious Leaf is a fast read, but it contains so much more than what's printed on the pages. At least it did for me.

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