Friday, July 18, 2014

Tagged...I'm It!

A friend of mine tagged me (and several others...) in a Facebook post, the post I've included here. This isn't the first time I've been chosen to participate in such an exercise of social media tag.

Usually, I don't reciprocate.

But, this one's pretty simple and I don't want to disappoint my friend, especially since he was so kind to include me along with a stable of other authors.

So, here's my addition to the game!

Title: Speckled
A collection of short stories including many different genres

Chapter 1: The stars, at least the ones Talukua knew all his life, were gone.
Chapter 2: Jenny was so tired, so tired.
Chapter 3: "Sure enough, that Jason don't know nothing."

And there you have it.

A couple of observations. I use a lot of passive voice in my first lines of things. Of course, these are the first lines of three different short stories so maybe that has something to do with it (sorry, Dave, for the deviation of the rules...).

And, my first lines are not as "kick butt" as Dave's. Then again, I'm not as tall as him, nor do I have his hair or the ability to grow a mustache.

Thanks, Dave! This was fun!

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